Let’s face it… good looking clothes are expensive, and the cheap unbranded ones don’t last for too long without looking old and faded. But if you are on a budget (and almost everyone is on some kind of a budget), you need to make yourself look good without burning a hole in your wallet. For that, here are some tips to ensure that your clothes look their best.


  • Don’t go for hard laundry. When normal clothes without stains are treated the same as those with stains, the wear and tear of the process makes their fibers break and their threads to come off. This makes them stretch or look faded. The best option is to go for a fabric softener and not wash clothes too hard when you are using them for day to day use. This will make them look and feel better on your body.


  • Repairs are important, and you should learn them. If you are sporting a good looking shirt which has a button missing, you will instantly lose half of your charm. Know how to sew on a button or stitch back parts of clothes where the stitching has become undone. This will keep the clothes good, and make you look good too.


  • Ironing should not be done without care. Ironing a piece of clothing right or wrong can either make or break your look. Look up a video tutorial online if you are not confident on your ironing abilities. It’s usually very easy, but going at it in a haphazard way can cause problems and make your clothing look shabby.


  • Be careful with your clothes. This may sound like an obvious tip, but if you are careful around your clothes, do not sit on dirty surfaces, and try actively not to spill stuff on them, they will not only last you longer, but will look cleaner and better. Clean is always better, even in this age of faded and distressed clothes.

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